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Should You Sell Your Cell Phone on eBay?

By February 23, 2017April 29th, 2020No Comments

What can you do with your old cell phone? It’s a common question. Maybe you’re ready to upgrade and you don’t have an upgrade plan. Or perhaps you already have a new phone and want to get rid of your old one for a little cash.

One place you’re likely considering if you’re looking to sell your phone online is eBay. Should you sell your phone on eBay, though? Let’s take a look.

Selling Your Cell Phone on eBay

There are two reasons why you might consider eBay as the place to sell your cell phone online. One, it’s the most well-known marketplace site. You may have already sold things on eBay, and you almost certainly know someone who has. Also, you stand to get a very good price on eBay. But is it the best option for you?

Drawbacks to Selling Your Cell Phone on eBay

One of the biggest drawbacks to selling your phone on eBay is that it can be a lot of work. You’ve got to take pictures of your phone — which can be a real hassle if you usually use your phone to take pictures. You’ve got to describe it, list it, decide what kind of listing you want it to be and set a price. Then you have to answer any questions buyers might have, and you have to wait for the sale period to expire. You also may be subject to eBay seller fees.

In the end, while you might get a better price on eBay than with some other methods of selling your phone online, you may decide it’s not worth the time and effort, especially if you need cash for your old phone fast.

Alternatives to Selling Your Cell Phone on eBay

If your goal is to get a good price for your cell phone fast without a lot of the hassle associated with eBay, you’ll want to use an electronics reseller like The Whiz Cells.

When you trust your business to us at the Whiz Cells, you know right away whether your phone is one we will buy, and for how much. Let us do the work for you. There’s no need to figure out a price or answer questions beyond the basic description of the phone you are trying to sell, and these are questions you will answer easily and quickly on our site.

All you have to do is decide you like the price and send your phone in. As soon as we get it, we’ll pay you right away, through PayPal, Venmo, or a check — if you prefer. If you’re interested in a fast, easy payment for your old cell phone, you can submit your phone to The Whiz Cells online right now.