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Top Smartphone Apps for Summer

By July 18, 2016No Comments

Your smartphone can help make summertime even more enjoyable — as long as you have the right apps. Here is a look at some popular smartphone apps for summer:

  • Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App: This intuitive app calculates how much time you can safely spend in the sun based on factors such as skin complexion, time of day and level of sunscreen. You will know exactly when to turn over and when it’s time to get out of the sun for the rest of the day.
  • PackPoint: Do you find knowing what to pack for your summer vacation a major challenge? PackPoint is a free app that lets you know the best items to pack based on factors such as the weather at your destination, length of stay and your planned activities.
  • Sky Guide: Perfect for stargazers, Sky Guide tells you where to find the planets, constellations and other nighttime features simply by pointing your smartphone toward the sky.
  • Bandsintown Concerts: This is one of the best summer smartphone apps for music lovers who want to find outdoor concerts in the area. You can even conduct a search based on your unique musical tastes.
  • Oh, Ranger!: If you like nothing better than being in the Great Outdoors during the summer, this app can help you locate the best places for fishing, hiking and camping.
  • Waterkeeper Swim Guide: This is one of the best smartphone apps for summer swimmers in search of everything from popular beaches to out-of-the-way swimming holes.