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Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Phone

By June 3, 2016No Comments

It seems like every day a different tech company rolls out a new mobile device. Separating the hype from the reality can be tricky, and it’s often difficult to know when it is time to get a new phone. Here are four common signs you need a new iPhone or Android device.

  1. Battery Problems

A phone’s battery is usually the first thing to go when it ages. If your phone no longer holds a charge or takes too long to charge when it’s dead, it’s time for a replacement. Battery life problems are not just inconvenient. They can potentially put you at risk if your phone dies unexpectedly when you’re out and about with nowhere to charge it.

  1. Slow Speeds

The latest apps and OS updates are designed to work with contemporary hardware. At the same time, cached files and other byproducts of long-term use can slow performance to a crawl. While there are steps you can take to make an older phone run leaner and faster, there comes a time when replacement is the best option. If persistent performance issues are affecting your ability to use your phone, you may be due for a replacement.

  1. Cracked Screen

Even with a brand-new phone, accidents can happen. It doesn’t take much to crack your phone’s screen, but the cost of replacement or repair may mean you are better off replacing it outright. While it’s possible to stop a small crack from spreading, whether or not you’re willing to live with a broken screen depends on what you use your phone for. Sometimes it’s best to admit the problem can’t be fixed and invest in a replacement, along with a quality case.

  1. Dropped Calls/Poor Audio Quality

A new smartphone can do a lot of things, but at the end of the day its purpose is to send and receive calls and texts. If you’re having problems with that — such as poor reception, frequently dropped calls or bad audio quality — what’s the point of paying for cell service anyway? Upgrade your phone and enjoy clearer reception, better call quality and extended service range.

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