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The Best Phones for Older Adults

By December 3, 2018No Comments

As chips get smaller and cell phones pack more and more options and apps onto their screens, you can start to feel left behind by all this technology. If you struggle to simply hear who you’re on a call with or see what texts and icons your display is showing, then this list of the best phones for seniors and older adults is just what you need to find the right smartphone for you.

It’s important to remember that selecting the best phones for older adults no longer means going backward in technology. Major cell phone manufacturers have now begun to address this common issue with phones that make the latest technology accessible to all. What’s more: With better return policies and the ability to get cash for cell phones like we offer here at The Whiz Cells, it’s never been easier to get the right phone for your tastes and needs.

Easiest Phones for Seniors

A number of smartphones are now designed with seniors in mind. Here are a few that come highly recommended if you’re looking for easy-to-read screens, simplicity of use and good volume capabilities:

  • Galaxy Note 5 from Samsung: First off, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 comes with one of the biggest Android screens available — a respectable 5.7 inches. Combine its large screen with its easy mode setting, which increases everything from fonts to icons displayed, and you’ll have no trouble seeing the information you need. Even though easy mode will display fewer choices, you’ll still have the weather, time and date visible, and you’re only one swipe away from seeing your favorite contacts or most used apps and functions. Don’t worry: You also get a great camera, GPS navigation and capability to access the internet. This phone is a few years old now, so you may need to buy used, but that only makes this option easier on your wallet.
  • Jitterbug from GreatCall: If the words Jitterbug, Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing are music to your ears, then this phone is for you! GreatCall has done it with the Jitterbug 4G prepaid smartphone that’s specifically made for seniors. This phone is all about simplicity, with no complicated icons or multiple screens to navigate. Instead, the phone boasts an ample 5.5-inch display with a user-friendly design made with seniors in mind. With low-cost monthly plans and the ability to support personal safety apps like MedCoach, Urgent Care and 5Star, the Jitterbug is totally in tune with what seniors are looking for in a smartphone.
  • iPhone 6s or 7 Plus from Apple: For seniors who like their Apple products, both the iPhone 6s Plus and 7 Plus come equipped with 5.5-inch screens. Additionally, there’s the option of a VoiceOver feature, as well as special earbuds that allow you to hear — instead of reading — what’s on your iPhone’s display. This feature makes the iPhone a great option for the hearing impaired. There’s also the ability to set the device to an accessibility mode that makes the entire phone’s operations easier to access and use. Newer models like the iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone Xs also come with accessibility features like these, but you will be paying a much higher price for new technical features you may not need or care about.
  • Pixel XL from Google: With a few setup adjustments, the Pixel XL from Google is another smart choice for smartphone users in their later years. It comes with a TalkBack option that takes all of your notifications, texts and alerts and turns them into audible messages you can hear instead of having to read them. In addition, with the Voice Access feature enabled, the phone can react to your verbal commands so that you don’t have to tap buttons or swipe screens. Its 5.5-inch screen is good-sized, and it can be augmented to enlarge the displayed fonts and icons.

Clearly, phone technology has come a long way in making it easy for seniors to be included and connected by means of their smartphones. For further help selecting a cell phone that fits your senior lifestyle, contact us today. At The Whiz Cells, we’re always happy to share our knowledge to help you make the right choice.