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Selling a Locked Phone (and Who Buys Them)

By September 5, 2023September 26th, 2023No Comments

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Did you know you can sell a locked phone? If the phone is legally yours, you can sell it. You may even sell it if you still owe money on your phone’s contract. The options to sell, however, are limited. Let’s explain what you need to know about selling a locked iPhone.

What is a Carrier-Locked Phone?

A phone locked by a carrier can only be used within one network. These locked phones contain a software code that prevents them from being used by another service provider. The carrier may unlock them once they have been paid off. Select carriers may automatically unlock them after the phone has been used on their network for 60 days or longer.

What is a Passcode-Locked Phone?

A passcode-locked iPhone has been locked with a four to six-digit pin. Failing to input the correct passcode can lock the phone. Passcodes can be erased by performing a DFU (Device Firmware Update), which restores the phone to its original settings. You can still sell a password-locked iPhone, but the number of customers willing to buy it will be limited.

What is an iCloud-Locked Phone?

iPhones have a unique feature known as iCloud lock. This feature prevents third parties from accessing the iPhone owner’s iCloud data and using the phone. You need the owner’s unique Apple ID and password to unlock iCloud and the phone. Before selling an iCloud-locked iPhone, you should disclose to potential customers that you do not know the password. It is legal to sell a locked iPhone; however, the number of willing buyers will be lower.

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