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Never Run Out of Storage Space Again

By May 24, 2016August 13th, 2018No Comments

If you find your storage running low constantly on your phone, don’t despair. By making a few adjustments, and being diligent about how you manage your photos, apps and media, it’s possible to prevent storage space from running out unexpectedly. Here’s how.

Step One: Discover How Your Storage Is Being Used

Both Android and iOS contain built-in tools for identifying where and how storage space is being used on your device. On a Galaxy S5 or other Android phone, go to Settings>Storage. On an iPhone, go to Settings>General>Storage & iCloud Usage>Manage Storage. Both will show you at a glance which apps are taking up the most space. From there, it’s easy to make decisions and delete unnecessary apps or files to prevent you from running out of storage again.

Step Two: Add an SD Drive

Nearly all phones give you the option of increasing your onboard storage space by adding an SD card. SD cards are affordable and come in a wide range of sizes. The only drawback is, on many devices, storage has to be managed manually. It’s also possible to lose data if you switch between cards without backing up.

Step Three: Use the Cloud

Uploading photos and other files to a cloud account is the obvious solution if you are frequently running out of storage on your Galaxy S5, other Android phone or iPhone. In the cloud, you’re not limited by the physical size of your device’s hard or SD drive. Adding more storage when you need to is simple and economical. You can also configure your service to upload automatically so you never have to worry about accidentally losing an important file.

Step Four: …Or Don’t

The cloud isn’t the only option for managing data on a smartphone. Sync your phone with your home computer and, as long as you’re vigilant about uploading your data periodically, you’ll never find yourself running out of space again.

Ultimately, the best solution for freeing up space on an iPhone or Android device depends on what you use your phone for most and how much effort you’re willing to put into managing data. If you still find yourself constantly running low on space, it might be time to upgrade your phone. Check out The Whiz Cells to see how you can earn money toward a replacement by trading in your old device.