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Do You Need a Smartphone Case for Your Phone in 2017?

By September 6, 2017May 17th, 2022No Comments

Accessories for smartphones are an industry unto themselves. As soon as you buy your phone, you’ll probably immediately buy a bunch of accessories to go with it. The salesperson might even offer you a deal on a bundle of accessories. These may include headphones, a Bluetooth device, a car charger and of course, a case. You can’t leave the store without a good smartphone case to protect your phone — or can you? Are smartphone cases necessary? Are smartphone cases worth it? Maybe you’ve been wondering, do cell phones need cases, really? Here’s a look at the pros and cons of cell phone cases.

Pros of Cellphone Cases

The most obvious advantage to a cell phone case is that it protects your phone. People drop their cell phones all the time, either because they slip out of one’s hand, someone bumps into you or your phone, or you put a phone on a surface where it is easily knocked off. Everyone knows the sense of dread they feel as that phone tumbles to the ground, and the hope they feel when they survey the potential damage only to find they got away with it this time. Does a case really protect you in these situations, though?

It depends. Sometimes, the phone will be fine after dropping it, but it would have been fine without the case too. Other times, the case will break and the phone will, too. This is a particular danger with hard cell phone cases. They look sleek and cool, but because they are so rigid, they are much more prone to snapping and exposing your phone to impact. A soft case, which has more give and can absorb impact better, is a much better choice, and a hybrid case, with a hard outer shell and a soft, spongy inner skin, is the best choice of all.

Another benefit of cell phone cases is they’re stylish. Without one, you’re stuck with the design and color the phone came with, but with cases, there are virtually no limits to the kinds of designs and colors you can find. Cases allow you to make your phone match your personality.

Cons of Cellphone Cases

One of the big cons of cell phone cases is that they make your phone bigger, bulkier and harder to hold. The whole point of today’s cell phones is that they are sleek, portable devices that don’t take up much space. A cell phone case takes away a lot of that benefit.

Also, it’s not clear how effective they are. Since you’re shelling out money for a cell phone case, you should be confident it’s going to protect you from an expensive repair should you drop the phone. There’s no real way to know if that’s true before actually dropping your phone, though.

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that a cell phone case is not a screen protector. You could be keeping your phone in the most rugged phone case in the world, but if that phone lands on the ground face first and you don’t have a separate screen protector, you could be looking at a nice, healthy crack that probably will interfere with your enjoyment of video watching moving forward. A good screen protector can be expensive, so you might want to save the case money and just go for protecting what’s really vulnerable: that screen.

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