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Get Cash for a Shattered Screen Cell Phone

By October 8, 2015May 17th, 2022No Comments

Accidents happen. While your phone’s screen is among its most important components, it’s one that can be repaired if it gets cracked, scratched or otherwise damaged. Likewise, a broken screen doesn’t mean your phone is worthless. If you’ve recently upgraded or replaced a phone with a cracked screen, you can still sell it for cash at The Whiz Cells.

What We Do With Broken Phones

Just because you’re done with a phone doesn’t mean it can’t still be useful to someone. At The Whiz Cells, we give a second life to your old phone through a comprehensive refurbishing process.

The speed with which new electronic devices are being released has led to e-waste becoming a real problem. Sell us a cracked screen cell phone, and we’ll do the work necessary to get it back to working condition so it can go on to find a new owner in the future. Even phones that are beyond repair can be recycled for parts, keeping them out of a landfill.

What About Your Personal Information?

A phone with a broken screen or other damage can still contain personal or confidential information you’d rather not get out. When you sell a shattered screen cell phone to The Whiz Cells, we’ll perform a thorough data wipe to ensure you are not at any risk — wherever it ends up. That’s something that won’t happen if you simply throw away your old phone, and it’s just one of the many value-added services we perform free of charge.

How to Sell a Cracked Screen Cell Phone to Us

We’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible to get cash for a cell phone with a cracked screen. At The Whiz Cells, you can sell your phone without the hassle of holding an online auction or the risk of meeting a stranger off your local classified site. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose your device and cell phone service provider to get directed to the appropriate quote page
  • Fill out the online assessment form to receive your quote
  • Accept the offer
  • We’ll email you a free shipping label shortly
  • Send in your phone
  • Once we’ve confirmed its condition, we’ll issue your payment immediately

Selling a cell phone with a cracked screen is easy with The Whiz Cells. We’ll beat any reasonable competitor’s offer, and we’ll get your money to you faster thanks to our Stupid Fast Payment service.

Your old phone doesn’t deserve to be thrown in a landfill just because of a cracked screen. The Whiz Cells will ensure it finds a good home — you’ll even make some money in the process. What better way to offset the cost of a new device, while doing something to keep e-waste in check? Get started today or contact our office for more information about how to sell a broken phone.