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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

By July 2, 2015No Comments

If you’re like many current iPhone users, you probably think that this remarkable electronic device is the greatest gadget ever invented! But are you really getting the most out of your iPhone widgets, apps and other key features?  The following facts and tips for iPhone users can help you maximize the advantages of iPhone ownership:

  1. Did you know that Siri can do more than answer your questions or make recommendations? She’ll even read your email to you if you want!
  1. Siri can also tell you which airline flights are currently flying overhead.
  1. You can easily view message timestamps just by going to iOS 7, and touching and dragging the message bubbles.
  1. If you want to get rid of a text you just typed, just gently shake your iPhone and an “Undo Typing” box will immediately appear on your screen.
  1. You can turn on the Caps lock just by double-tapping the Shift key.
  1. Your iPhone can be used as a level to help you hang pictures.
  1. Get a more detailed view of your calendar by turning your phone horizontally
  1. Useful iPhone photography tips include activating the burst mode by holding down the shutter button and using the volume button to improve steadiness when taking a selfie.
  1. Perhaps one of the more valuable iPhone tips is that your phone will charge twice as quickly in airplane mode.
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