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Where to Buy Unlocked Phones

By December 17, 2018No Comments

If you’re tired of being locked into costly contracts and limited phone selections with wireless carriers, an unlocked phone might be the way to go. Unlocked phones — as the term implies — aren’t locked into any preexisting plan or particular service carrier.

Unlocked phone retailers know that many consumers appreciate both the ability to choose the phone they want and the freedom to select the mobile service plan that best matches their data needs and budget. In addition, for international business travelers, tourists and students, the benefits of an unlocked phone can be substantial. Instead of having to pay costly roaming fees for what can amount to high overseas rates, all you have to do is use a SIM card from the country you’re in, and you wind up paying far less for local calls.

Of course, while unlocked phones come with a great deal of freedom, you still want to shop through reputable retailers to get both deals and merchandise you can trust.

Who Sells Unlocked Phones?

To help you find the best selections and easy access to unlocked phones, we’ve put together the following list of retailers:

  • Amazon: Leading the way in all things disruptive about online retail, Amazon has a huge selection of unlocked phones, great deals for prime members and plenty of reviews, so you can see what others think about a particular smartphone’s performance. One added benefit of shopping Amazon is the ability to narrow down your search quickly and efficiently by factors like operating system, screen size, brand and camera resolution — to name just a few.
  • Newegg: With unlocked phones from Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and many more manufacturers, Newegg is well worth considering. Plus, with its special open box and clearance deals, you might be able to save even more on your dream phone.
  • Best Buy: For one of the widest selections of unlocked phones and all the accessories to go with them — like SIM cards, wireless chargers, headsets, cases and more — Best Buy has you covered. In addition, Best Buy’s site features a host of online videos to provide you with the extra information you need to make an informed purchase.
  • The Whiz Cells: We might be a bit partial here, but The Whiz Cells online eBay store for used and refurbished unlocked phones has some of the best prices and customer service you’ll find anywhere. With FREE shipping, expedited shipping options and a 30-day, hassle-free return policy, you can shop with the confidence that you’ll be happy with your purchase.

In addition to this list, if you’re looking for a particular phone or wondering where to buy a new unlocked iPhone XS or Pixel 3, don’t forget to check out the phone manufacturer’s site as well since many are starting to open up to the idea of selling unlocked phones directly to consumers. You won’t find many discounts on new phones here compared to new phone retailers like Best Buy or used phone resellers like The Whiz Cells, but many phone manufacturers do offer an unlocked version of their phones on their own websites. For example, you can buy the new LG G7 ThinQ directly from LG or the new Galaxy Note 9 directly from Samsung. In fact, the only place you can buy an unlocked Pixel Phone is from the Google store. All in-store versions of that phone are locked to Verizon.

If you’d like even more information about unlocked phones, contact us today. At The Whiz Cells, we’re always happy to share our knowledge to help you make the most informed decisions regarding electronic devices.