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Split the Check Easily With Your Smartphone

By August 1, 2016No Comments

A vexing issue that frequently crops up when dining with a group of people is determining the most equitable way to split the check. Proper expense division can also pose a problem in situations such as splitting the rent between roommates, calculating expense shares during vacations and tracking IOU’s when lending money. Fortunately, several mobile apps offer an easy way to split bills using a smartphone:

  • Billr: Billr is an extremely popular bill splitter app for group dining because of its speed and simplicity. You just enter the size of the party and the individual items ordered by each person, and Billr determines the proper values for each diner.
  • Splitwise: Many users consider Splitwise the best check splitting app, and it also offers additional functionality for rent sharing and more. It enables easy bill entering from Android or iPhone devices and the web.
  • Tip N Split Calculator: This app offers the perfect solution when the goal is to split the bill evenly among all diners. You simply tap on the total amount of the check, the desired tip percentage and the number of diners and the app does the rest.
  • Divvy: With Divvy, you snap a photo of the check with your smartphone. After the app scans and highlights each item on the bill, you use your finger to drag and drop the item onto an icon for each individual dinner guest. Divvy then calculates each guest’s share, including the desired tip amount.