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Smartphones and Business Productivity

By December 20, 2017May 13th, 2020No Comments

Are you searching for ways to improve business productivity? Have you considered issuing cellphones to your employees? Studies have shown a surprising number of benefits of smartphones in business, and group cell phones could be just the boost your company needs to improve workflow, create better communication and even boost morale.

Benefits of Business Cell Phones

You’re probably aware of your individual smartphone productivity benefits, so why not try to expand those to your entire business? Here are three benefits of having business mobile phones:

1. Mobility

It’s called a mobile phone for a reason. Having a smartphone means employees don’t need to be chained to their desks to get work done. They can communicate with colleagues, clients or managers, access data and even potentially operate required business software from a conference room, in the field or from home.

2. Control of Resources

Today, all your employees are probably going to have a smartphone anyway, so you might as well be in control of the one they use in the office. When there’s uniformity to the type of smartphone everyone is using, there’s no confusion about who can use which applications or who has what functions on their phone. Everyone is working from the same playbook. If you need to charge your phone, all your co-workers have the same charger. If your phone breaks, you all go to the same repair guy.

3. Upgrades

It can be to your benefit to make sure all your employees have the most state-of-the-art smartphone. However, a lot of smartphone users will buy a phone and stick with it until it dies on them. Maybe they’re locked into a service plan or just don’t want to shell out for a new phone. Whatever the reason, having a business cell phone plan means you can make sure all your employees have the latest devices.

Benefits of Business Cell Phone Bulk Recycling

When you do upgrade to the newest device, you’ll need to do something with all those old employee phones. A great solution to this problem is business cell phone bulk recycling. This is an ideal way to bring some money back into the company and do your part for the corporate recycling effort.

When you’re ready to recycle your old business cell phones, look into The Whiz Cells’ Business Cell Phone Bulk Recycling Program. The Whiz Cells will take all your old business cell phones, wipe them of sensitive data for you if you desire and turn them into cash for your business. Send the phones using your own packaging and get paid typically within one day of receipt. When you use PayPal or Venmo, you’ll get paid instantly upon verification of your devices and processing.

Choose to recycle your phones because you’ll get rid of them fast, have extra money for your company’s coffers and feel good knowing you’re not responsible for another batch of phones lying in a landfill somewhere. Contact The Whiz Cells today!