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Sell Your Google Pixel to The Whiz Cells

By August 15, 2017August 8th, 2019No Comments

When Google announced it was introducing its very own branded phone to the smartphone market, the tech world was abuzz, and with good reason. Unlike some companies that seem to have more misses than hits, virtually everything Google puts its name on seems to turn to gold. Sure enough, the Google Pixel is an amazing phone. Both the standard Google Pixel and the Pixel XL have incredible functionality, and naturally, Google knows how to get the most out of an Android-powered device. It’s no surprise if you, like many other smartphone enthusiasts, were eager to run out and get one as soon as you possibly could.

However, the Google Pixel is not for everybody. Perhaps there’s something about your old make of phone that just speaks to you, or maybe you realize you really are an iPhone person. Regardless of its success, there are plenty of people wondering how to sell their Google Pixel, or Google Pixel XL. If you find yourself asking, “where is the best place to sell my Pixel,” we suggest you consider selling your Google Pixel to the Whiz Cells.

Why The Whiz Cells?

Why is The Whiz Cells the go-to place to sell your Google Pixel phone? For many reasons. First, we buy a lot of phones, and you’ll get fair value for your Google Pixel, whether it’s got a few cracks in it, a scratch or two on the screen or it’s in great shape but it’s just not for you. For another, we offer free shipping and packing. Just drop it in the package, send it and before you know it, you’ve got money. Even better, you can use your own shipping to send us your phone and as soon as we receive and verify it, you’ll get your money by check, PayPal within 24 hours. Yes, that fast.

You could try to sell a used Google Pixel on eBay or another auction site, but why go through all that hassle when you could just drop it in the mail to The Whiz Cells, have us receive it and get paid the very next day, maybe even the same day? Would you really rather take the time to create a whole listing, wait for the entire sale period to cycle through and hope you get the price you want? Wouldn’t you rather just get your cash fast with minimal effort so you can buy an iPhone or whatever else you might wish to use the money for?

Register With The Whiz Cells and Trade Your Google Pixel for Cash Today!

Getting started is easy. Just go to The Whiz Cells (step 1 complete!) and register for a free online account. Then you can simply list the specs for your Google Pixel or just about any other brand of cell phone to start selling right away for cash. Try it out!