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Five Things You Didn’t Know Your Smartphone Could Do

By June 28, 2019July 2nd, 2019No Comments

Did you know more than 75 percent of Americans are currently smartphone owners, according to the Pew Research Center? We spend about five hours a day using these powerful digital devices to perform a host of functions — from checking our social media feeds to taking selfies. However, most of us still don’t know many things about our smartphones.

If you’re curiously asking what a smartphone can be used for, this is the article for you. Read on to discover some little-known functions and apps and find some new ideas regarding what you can do with your cell phone.

What Are Smartphones Capable Of?

Whether you splurged on a new iPhone or finally got that Android model you were checking out as a birthday present, these functions can help make your phone an even more useful and versatile device:

  • Scan QR codes sans app: Quick response (QR) codes are on everything from billboards to magazine adverts. And the information they contain can be unlocked without an app by your iPhone if you’re running iOS 11 or later or on many newer Android phones that have the built-in functionality. Now all you have to do is snap a picture of the QR code with your phone’s camera, and you’ll automatically be taken to the website, video or product page the code is linked to.
  • Teach Siri how to pronounce a word correctly: For weather updates, restaurant suggestions and the latest sports scores, Siri is the voice-controlled Apple personal assistant we’ve all grown to love. But if your favorite actress is Saoirse Ronan, Siri’s going to need a little help pronouncing “Ser-Scha” correctly. Now the next time Siri pronounces the name of your favorite contact or movie star incorrectly, all you have to do is tell her that her pronunciation is wrong. Siri will then have you say the word in question correctly, and you’ll be able to select the right pronunciation from her response options.
  • Be on the level — for hanging pictures and more: Are you into home decorating but can’t ever find a leveling tool when you need one? Now you can hang pictures and other framed items perfectly with your iPhone or Android. With the Bubble Level app for iPhones or Androids, all you have to do is pull your smartphone out of your pocket, open the app and check any decoration in your house on the level!
  • Check your TV remote control’s batteries: Loads of people don’t realize their smartphone’s camera is capable of spotting infrared — or IR — radiation. If you take a picture of your remote control as you press one of its buttons, the view from your camera’s angle will show a white/purplish light emitting from your remote — but only if the batteries are working. This neat trick can save you time and an unnecessary call to your cable provider. So don’t forget to keep your smartphone handy when it’s time to troubleshoot just before the last episode of your favorite show is set to kick off.
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