Terms and Conditions

By setting up an account or by selling a device on The Whiz Cells website you signify that you agree to the terms and conditions which may be amended and will be effective immediately after they are posted.

  1. These terms govern any offer that you receive from The Whiz Cells. This electronic agreement will have the same force as one in writing.
  2. In order to complete a sale with The Whiz Cells you must comply with the following.  (I) You must be 18 years old . (II) You must be the legal owner of the device being sold and have the capacity to transfer legal ownership of the device being sold. (III) Provide true, accurate information about yourself and all devices being sold. (VI) Comply with all laws. (V) The Transaction must be representing yourself on behalf of yourself and not for someone else.
  3. In order to receive payment for any device turned in you must supply a valid email address that you can receive email, your name and a valid postal address that you can receive mail. When being paid by PayPal you must provide the email address associated with your account with PayPal.

The Whiz Cells is not responsible for communication errors where your information is incomplete or inaccurate. This includes your responsibility to ensure emails from The Whiz Cells are not filtered to spam. Email addresses that will be used to communicate with you are questions@thewhizcells.com and sales@thewhizcells.com  You understand and agree that if inaccurate or incomplete information is given to The Whiz Cells (a) The Whiz Cells will not be responsible for any misapplied payments or payments sent to the wrong address. (B) You agree that we have no obligation to if any of your unclaimed funds are turned over to governmental authorities in accordance with applicable law.  

  1. The Whiz Cells determines at its own discretion what devices it chooses to purchase. These devices are displayed on The Whiz Cells’ website. Any offer in which an order to sell a device is made will have a quote that is good for 20 days from the date of the order placed on The Whiz Cells website.
  2. The Whiz Cells reserves the right to cancel the sale of any device before delivery.
  3. The Whiz Cells uses 4 categories to describe the condition device to be sold. Broken, Cracked Glass, Good, and Excellent.  The condition between each category and each device is graded on its own merit once received. Excellent is described as a device that is in like new condition. It has been used but has no flaws and is 100% functional. Good is a device that is used that may have some light signs of use such as light surface scratching or a small ding or 2 and is 100% functional. Cracked Glass is the same condition as good except that the glass is cracked. The phone must still be 100% functional including the LCD. Broken is a device that does not work 100%. The device must not be bent and must have never been opened while being a complete device with no parts missing.  All offers from The Whiz Cells will be at our own determination by the merits of each device.
  4. Accepting and Rejecting an offer. Once the device(s) are shipped you are agreeing to sell the device(s) to The Whiz Cells at the quoted price in your. To avoid any confusion, if a device passes inspection the device is sold. If you receive a new offer after we have received your device you have the option of accepting or rejecting the new offer. The Whiz Cells will email you with the reason for the new quote and you will have 5 days to accept or reject the new quote. A rejection of the new quote prompts us to return your device to you. If after 5 days you have neither affirmatively accepted or declined the new offer a payment will be made as an acceptance of the new quote. To avoid any confusion, the acceptance of the new quote finalizes the transaction and you cannot later device to not sell the device. All accepted offers are final. Title to the device transfers to The Whiz Cells when the device is accepted by The Whiz Cells for the original offer or the acceptance of the new offer.
  5. You will be responsible for the Risk of Loss of any device sent to The Whiz Cells until the package it opened by The Whiz Cells. This includes loss of package, damage, or theft of any device during transit to or from The Whiz Cells. At your expense, USPS insurance can be purchased to minimize your risk. The risk of loss transfers to you when a package is delivered to the shipping carrier for return to you.
  6. The Whiz Cells makes every effort to have information accurate and up to date on TheWhizCells.com website. However, The Whiz Cells reserves the right to update, make changes to pricing or other typographical errors. At anytime before a Payment is made The Whiz Cells reserves the right to cancel or change the price offering.
  7. You agree to transact with The Whiz Cells electronically and agree with the terms and conditions in full. You agree to all The Whiz Cells to send emails about your transaction to an email that you provide to us. You are responsible to make sure to keep your email up to date and ensure that emails sent from us are not filtered out as spam or any other type of block to the inbox of your email.
  8. The Whiz Cells reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions at any time. If you do not agree to the changes you  may discontinue use of The Whiz Cells.