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Chapter 7: Negotiating the Deal

Want to know how to buy a used cell phone online for the best price possible? You’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss all of that in our used cell phone buyer’s guide, right here.

Are prices for used phones firm? Can you negotiate a better deal, or will you be stuck with the price that’s offered? Let’s dive in.

Is Bartering Possible?

The only time bartering is truly possible is when you’re dealing with private parties buying or selling used cell phones online or in person. This includes platforms like Amazon, eBay and Craigslist.

If you go through a reputable seller like The Whiz Cells, the initial price we offer is what you’re going to get. It won’t go any lower for the guarantee period — up to 20 days — but it won’t go any higher, either.

In reality, most people ask for way too much when selling used goods. They think because the device has some kind of sentimental value they can ask for more. That’s not truly the case. A product, especially a smartphone, is only worth so much.

It behooves you to do the research before selling your smartphone or cell phone, which includes looking up how much your phone is actually worth.

How to Look up the Value of Your Phone

There are actually a couple tricks you can use to find the value of your phone.

First, go through a company like The Whiz Cells or GameStop and find out how much they would offer you for a trade-in. This price should be used as a minimum when deciding what you would like to ask for.

Second, go to eBay or Amazon — or any number of sellers, including wireless carriers — and find out how much they are selling the phone for. This price should be used as the cap, or maximum, when deciding on a price.

Then, take the numbers you have collected and take into consideration the quality and condition of your phone. If it’s in pristine condition, you’re justified in asking for the higher price.

You can also use online tools to check the price of a phone — like Verizon’s trade-in value tool.

How Do I Know When to Take a Deal or Walk Away?

Want some tips for buying a used cell phone for cheap? You need to know how to barter. Some would even argue bartering is a form of art. It’s certainly a skill.
However, the most important aspect of any barter or sale is knowing when to take a deal or walk away. You don’t want to accept a price too low and lose out on potential money, but you also don’t want to walk away from a great offer, either.

It’s tough discerning the boundary between the two. That’s exactly why we discussed finding out how much your phone is worth. By figuring out the minimum and maximum prices, you have a great guideline for bartering or sales offers.

This price range can go both ways, too — whether you’re buying or selling.

Never take a deal that’s lower than the minimum price you have set, unless you absolutely need to sell as quickly as possible and no other offers have come through. On the other hand, never buy a phone for more than the maximum price you determined, because you’re getting ripped off if you do — especially if the phone in question is used.

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