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Chapter 5: Follow These Steps Before Meeting in Person to Sell or Purchase a Used Phone

Meeting up to sell products in person can be dangerous, especially when dealing with strangers. That’s why the ideal channel is a service like The Whiz Cells, which allows you to trade in a used cell phone for cash.

If you’re going to sell through Craigslist, word of mouth or a service like The Whiz Cells, there are some things you should know. Don’t even attempt to trade in cell phones for money without reading this first.

Tips for Selling in Person

When you and a buyer finally decide on a price and choose to go forward with the sale, it’s time to set a meet. Never meet at your personal address or the home of a family or friend. Instead, arrange a meeting in a public, heavily trafficked area like a mall, restaurant or store.

Local police stations have even begun offering a meet-up location on their property, which they sanction. It’s safe and monitored for danger. These are called “SafeTrade” stations.

In addition, choose a meeting time when there are people around and there’s plenty of light. It’s not smart to meet up to do a cell phone trade in for cash at night in an empty parking lot.

Warning Signs

Most guides you’ll read about buying products on Craigslist will provide some red flags or warning signs to watch out for. What you may not know is that these same warning signs can be used when communicating with a buyer as well.

Watch for overly aggressive behavior, poor grammar or spelling and extraneous requests, like “will you trade X for Y,” when you have already explicitly named a price.

If you’re a buyer, make sure you see photos of the device you’re buying. Don’t accept generic product photos taken from an official website or product listing. We’re talking about actual photos of the smartphone, including proof the screen is not cracked, that it’s intact and that it works as advertised.

Also, watch out for multiple ad listings for the same product. Sellers are only supposed to post an ad in one city — their local area. If you see the same ad posted in multiple locations, that’s a big red flag to get out of Dodge.

If you would like more advice on avoiding Craigslist scams, MakeUseOf has an excellent guide.

Can I Trade My Phone for Cash?

Where can I trade in my cell phone for cash?

You can always pay a visit to your local pawn shop to sell your phone for cash, but they will never give you what it’s worth. Pawn stores are notorious for lowballing sellers, and then turning around and selling the same goods for inflated prices.

GameStop is similar. Believe it or not, they will accept used smartphones and tablets, and they sell them, too. But, like pawn stores, GameStop will never offer you a reasonable return.

That’s why we recommend going through The Whiz Cells, or similar platforms. We specialize in used phones, and so we offer some of the best prices around. You don’t have to worry about haggling because quotes are guaranteed for up to 20 days at a time. In addition, the money exchange process is relatively quick, even through the mail. Your device is shipped, and we send electronic funds upon arrival.

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