Sell Your Broken iPhone

Sell Your Broken iPhone Online for Cash

You might be under the impression that your damaged iPhone isn’t worth much. But did you know you can sell a broken iPhone online for cash? At, we’ll pay top dollar for your damaged iPhone. We specialize in refurbishing damaged and outdated electronic devices, and we resell them to individuals looking to upgrade from obsolete technology.

By recycling your device, we also help protect the environment by keeping old phones out of landfills.

We Make It Easy to Sell a Cracked Screen iPhone Online

The process of selling your cracked screen or otherwise damaged iPhone to The Whiz Cells is simple. Just locate your old device, log in to your free account and answer a few brief questions. We’ll then send you an immediate cash offer.

Receive Payment in as Little as One Business Day

When you sell an iPhone with a cracked screen online to The Whiz Cells, there are two ways you can send your device to us. You can have us send our free packaging to you, and we’ll issue payment via Paypal, Dwolla or personal check within 72 hours of receiving your phone. It may take 7-10 days to receive payment when choosing the check method.

The faster way is to select our Stupid Fast Payment option, where you purchase your own packaging (typically for less than a dollar). By taking advantage of SFP, you’ll receive payment via Paypal or Dwolla within one business day. Either way, we’ll cover all of your shipping costs!

Sell a Broken iPhone Online for Cash With Total Peace of Mind

When you sell a broken iPhone online for cash to The Whiz Cells, you be confident that our processes are safe and secure. We will perform a complete data wipe as soon as we receive your phone to remove all personal information. You also won’t have to worry about the possible risks involved with selling your phone at an online auction or in person.

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