Sell Your Broken Samsung Phone Online

Sell Your Broken Samsung Phone for Cash at

When your Samsung phone is damaged beyond repair, you need to replace it as quickly as possible. At, we specialize in getting fast cash into the hands of our customers to help them offset the unexpected expense of replacing a broken phone. We make it quick and easy to sell a broken or cracked-screen Samsung phone for top dollar!

How Do You Sell a Broken Samsung Galaxy Nexus Online?

To sell a broken Samsung Galaxy Nexus, online simply locate your old device and answer a few basic questions. We’ll then make an immediate cash offer for your phone and email you a shipping label. You can wait for us to send shipping materials, or you can use your own packaging to send your phone to us right away. We’ll take care of the shipping and packaging costs either way!

Fast Online Payment

The absolute fastest way to sell a broken Samsung Galaxy Note online at is by choosing our Stupid Fast Payment option where you send your device in your own packaging. SFP transactions get top priority – we’ll issue payment within one business day of receiving your phone.

When using our packaging, we can process your transaction within 72 hours. Our flexible payment methods include PayPal, Dwolla and personal check.

Protecting the Environment

When you sell a broken or cracked-screen Samsung phone to the, you’re not just putting a little extra money in your pocket – you’re also doing your part to protect the environment. We recycle old electronic devices, either by reselling them at reduced prices to individuals looking to upgrade from outdated technologies, or by sending them to refurbishing centers so they can be sold for parts.

This means that when you sell your broken Samsung Galaxy Nexus online to us, there’s one less electronic device being sent to a landfill. Getting some extra cash and helping to create a greener planet: now that’s a “win-win” for everyone! Register to sell your broken or cracked-screen Samsung phone at today.