Sell Your Broken LG Phone Online

Sell a Broken LG G2 Online for Cash

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. You accidentally knock your phone off a desk or drop it on the floor, causing extensive damage that cannot be repaired. While your immediate concern is getting a new phone, you can also take comfort knowing that you can sell a broken LG G2 online at

We can provide you with quick cash for your now-defunct device, which can help make the cost of a new phone a bit more affordable.

How to Sell a Broken LG G2 Online at

Selling a broken phone at is much easier than you probably expect. Simply log in to your free account, answer a few questions and receive a cash offer- we’ll pay top dollar for your phone. Free packaging and shipping are also available to ensure you get the possible value for your old phone.

Get Your Money Fast

The next step in selling a broken LG G2 online is sending your old device to us. If you want your cash as quickly as possible, be sure to take advantage of our Stupid Fast Payment option. Just ship your device in your own packaging, and we’ll send payment within one business day of receiving your phone!

Sell a Broken LG G2 Online Safely and Securely

You can sell your broken LG G2 online at with total peace of mind. We’ll perform a complete data wipe before reselling your phone or sending it to a refurbishing center. And selling your device online eliminates the risk involved with a face-to-face encounter with a stranger you met through a Craigslist ad!

So what are you waiting for? Sell your broken LG G2 online at and get quick cash in your pocket. Register for your free account today.