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Discovering that your cell or smart phone no longer works can be a frustrating experience. Instead of tossing your malfunctioning phone into the trash or hurling it into a lake, a much better and more lucrative alternative is available.

You can sell a broken HTC Nexus phone online at and receive quick cash in the process. Use the money to defray the cost of a new phone or simply stash it away for other expenses..

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When you sell a broken HTC Nexus phone online at, you’ll receive an excellent price for your device. We’ll also match or beat any advertised price offered by another reputable company. When you consider that free packaging and shipping are also available, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you sell a cracked-screen HTC phone to us!

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Our Stupid Fast Payment option, which involves sending your device to us in your own packaging, ensures you will receive payment within one business day of receipt of your phone and usually on the very same day. You can also elect to have us send packaging to you, which typically entails a 72-hour processing period once we receive your device. We offer a variety of flexible payment methods, including PayPal, Dwolla and personal check.

Environmentally Friendly

All those discarded phones and other electronic devices that are clogging landfills these days are creating a major environmental hazard. When you sell a broken HTC Nexus phone online at, we’ll either resell your phone or send it to a refurbishing center to be used for parts. By recycling your phone instead of trashing it, you’re doing your part to create a greener, healthier planet.

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