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Sell Your Galaxy Note 4

Upgrading to new phones every year can be exciting, but it doesn’t take much to end up with a drawer full of old devices as time goes on. When you come across your old phones, it’s easy to let them continue to clutter your home or toss them in the trash. Instead of holding onto old phones like your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or throwing them away, consider selling your devices for top dollar with The Whiz Cells.

Can I Sell My Galaxy Note 4?

Technology has advanced a lot since 2014, and today’s smartphones don’t look the same as they did back then. While your Galaxy Note 4 might seem super outdated to you, it can still serve a purpose. That’s why The Whiz Cells is currently accepting Note 4 phones. Compared to our biggest competitors, who might not even accept this model anymore, we tend to offer 10% more per phone.

The Whiz Cells: An Easy Way to Sell Samsung Note 4

To sell your Samsung Note 4 with The Whiz Cells, all you need to do is answer a few basic questions about its carrier, storage capacity and condition. We give you an instant quote, and after you go through checkout, we’ll email you a prepaid shipping label. We can also provide packaging if you request it. Drop your phone off at the Post office or a USPS location, and you’ve sold your Note 4. Once we receive it, we’ll take a quick look at it and process your payment. Depending on which payment option you choose, you could receive your money within one business day.

Is it Safe to Sell My Note 4 With The Whiz Cells?

Older phones might not be worth hundreds of dollars, but you still want to be mindful of who you sell them to. Every device we own is full of personal data like logins, photos, contacts and more that you don’t want a random person off the internet ending up with. Not only will we make a great offer for your Note 4, but we also ensure it’s wiped of all personal data. We provide instructions for erasing info from your phone, and we double-check when we receive it in case you forgot anything.

What Will The Whiz Cells Do With My Old Note 4?

Even phones like your Galaxy Note 4 can still have a purpose. At The Whiz Cells, we specialize in recycling and refurbishing old cell phones. We take phones like your Note 4, refurbish them to a great condition and resell them to others who are looking to upgrade from even older devices. This keeps phones in use and out of landfills, where millions of devices end up every year. When you sell with us, you get extra cash in your pocket, another user gets the cheaper upgrade they’ve been searching for and fewer phones end up in a landfill.

How Do I Sell My Galaxy Note 4 With The Whiz Cells?

Are you ready for instant cash? You can get started today by registering for a free account at Follow our convenient selling process and sit back while we handle the rest.

Note: If your carrier is not listed, consider unlocking your phone from your current carrier and selling it unlocked. Your phone must be paid off to do so. If you’d like to unlock your phone, but aren’t sure how, you can check out our instructions here.


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